• Kuala Krai District Council was formed on 1 January 1979 following a restructuring of Local Authorities in the while nation under Local Government Act 1976 )Act 171). The restructuring was done with the intent to create an administration system that is more efficient, capable and plays a more active role in determining the direction of development, planning, and town development in general.

  • Kuala Krai District Council has a land area of 129.49 square meters. It encompass a major portion of Daerah Batu Mengkebang which relates to the following villages: Kg. Keroh, Kg. Bukit Sireh, Kg. Batu Jong, Kg. Batu Lada, Kg. Kenor, Kg. Batu Balai, Kg. Gatal, Kg. Tualang, Kg. Bekok, Kg. Pahi, Kg. Telekong, Kg. Kuala Nal and a section of the Rancangan Kemajuan Tanah KESEDAR iaitu RKT Mengkebang, RKT Temalir and RKT Sungai Pas. However, activity areas under the jurisdiction of Kuala Krai District Council is only 50square kilometers that encompass Kuala Krai town, Guchil, Kg Bukit Sireh, Pahi and Tualang.

  • The number of residents under Kuala Krai District Council in the year 1980 is 47,009 and in the year 1986, there are 53,041 residents based on a rate of population growth at 2 % a year in a span of 6 years. But after the year 1986, the rate of population growth increased to 3 % making the total number of residents in the year 1991 increase to 63,331 people. In the year 2005, the residents that reside in areas under the Council numbers at 103,294 with the rate of population growth standing at 4 %.


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