Taman Tasik Krai

  • Krai Lake Recreation Park is a place very suitable for water recreation like Duck Paddle, Cycle Boats and kayak.

  • Krai Lake Recreation Park is the only recreational park in Kuala Krai.

  • Krai Lake Recreational Park was officially launched on 15 December 1998.

  • Since its launch, Krai Lake Recreational Park has become the focus for the public especially the urban dwellers who indulge in recreational activities.

  • Recreational facilities besides the conducive environment makes the Krai Lake Recreational Park attractive to people of all ages

  • Lovers of recreational activities be it jogging, exercising, playing children's games, strolling and others.

  • With the water-based games equipment at Krai Lake, it will give positive impact and benefits as below:

    1. Rejuvenate Krai Lake as a recreational park of distinction.

    2. Provides economic impact to Restoran Terapung Zoo and Mini Muzium together with stalls in the vicinity.

    3. This is also another source of revenue for MDKK.