Pasu Mambong

  • Kelantan is one of the main states that has an active ceramic industry.

  • Kampung Mambong which is located across Sungai Galas in Kuala Krai district is a small village area which delves in ceramic processing.

  • This village is also known as "Seramik Mambong" and takes 45 minutes to travel from tangga krai by boat with very reasonable fare rates. The factory which was founded by Tuk Bare and run by Cikgu Li is a business that has been passed down.

  • 7 levels have to be gone through to produce a ceramic product.

  • Among the levels are soil machine (tanah sungai), soil filter, cast tie, pour cast, dry cast, clear and burn

  • The types of ceramic produced are pasu hiasan, buyung, belanga and many others. This business has been remodeled in 1990 and remains till now.