Yit Sit Kong Temple

Tokong Yit Sit Kong


  • Located at Kuala Krai town near to the Pasaraya Econjaya Kuala Krai.

  • This temple has been in existence long before, even before the Japanese occupation. Initially, the Tokong is a small hut and was subsequently renovated and made into a Tokong in 1670.

  • This temple is take care of by a caretaker who is paid by the temple at RM600 a month. It operates from 8 am to 8 pm.

  • Among the activities conducted at this tokong are praying sessions and during the festive seasons, this tokong will be an attraction during the Chinese New Year .

  • Here, one can also find activities of giving assistance and funeral services, which are managed by the HAKKA Club.

  • There is also a place to burn paper at a price of RM40000.

  • For those who wish to pray, a payment of RM 15 a month is required.