Thirumurugam Alayam

Tempat ibadat penganut hindu.


  • Thirumurugam Alayam is a place of worship for those who practice the Hindu religion. This temple is located near to the Jambatan Keretapi Kuala Krai and also the Kuala Krai Train Station.

  • This temple has been in existence for about 60 years and is one of the biggest temple in Kuala Krai

  • The Imam or sami is the leader of the temple. The sami will be replaced once every ten years and hailed from India.

  • Friday is the most important day for Hindus. Among the activities conducted on Fridays are the mass prayers.

  • On other days, they will also pray but Fridays are still the most important day for Hindus.

  • Another activity indulged is heloing the poor by giving any form of assistance to those who are in need.

  • In this temple also, one may find an advisor, the Auditor and committee members who sits in the AGM every 2 years.

  • The temple will also give money to those who are in need irregardless of race especially during a day called the Punggal.

  • If observed from the artistic way or from the patterns at this temple, one may identify them as an inspiration from India and even the pattern designers that can be found here are imported from India.